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We build, own, and operate a variety of online digital services and video games.


Test and train your mental arithmetric and agility in this fast-paced browser-based maths game.

A Scratchmark game.

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Devon the Electric Racer

Fast-paced and challenging 3D arcade racing on iOS and Android. 100% custom electric cars.

A Scratchmark game.

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Space: Defender Xtreme

Endless retro style 2D arcade space shooter available free on Andorid and iOS.

A Scratchmark game.

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Create notes and lists for any use; From a house moving to-do list, to just today's shopping list.

Easily send people snippets of code, or entire markup files. Share CSS, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, etc.

A Scratchmark owned service.

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Brighton Getaways

Rapidly growing short term vacation rentals business for the Brighton, UK area.

Built and maintain this self-serve booking platform.

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Pizza GoGo

The largest UK-owned pizza chain, with over 100 stores nation wide.

Built and maintain the website and in-store terminal EPOS systems.

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Self-serve advertising platform bridging the gap between website owners and advertisers. Buy and sell ad space easily, no hidden fees.

AdClerks handles millions of advert impressions a day.

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If Invested Bitcoin

A historical Bitcoin value calculator. Find out what could have happened if you had invested in Bitcoin years ago.

This is a simple informative tool / calculator.

A Scratchmark owned service.

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Check to see if an Xbox Gamertag is available or not. On 19th May 2017, Gamertag hit 1,000,000 total lookups.

This is a simple informative tool, that grew in popularity after Microsoft released a million old Gamertags.

A Scratchmark owned service.

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New Pet Name

NewPetName is a website that tries to help you find the perfect name for your new loved one.

This is a large database of names with a random name generator.

A Scratchmark owned service.

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What Scratchmark does

Website design & development

Our core business. Creating experiences and businesses on the web. Websites attracting half a million daily visitors. E-commerce platforms which trade between seven and eight figures annually.

User interface design

UI design and developement for web, mobile apps, and physical terminals utilising user centred design - a focused and concise version of human-centred design with deeper analysis of target audience.

User experience (UX)

UX design and consultation for projects ranging from simple apps to complex socio-technical e-commerce projects.

"To the user, the interface is the product." - Aza Raskin

Online advertising

We help build and run one of the largest self-serve ad platforms, allowing users to buy & sell online ads on an open marketplace featuring hundreds of vetted sites. This allows publishers to make money with their website on autopilot.

Email & SMS marketing

We help build and run a powerful yet simple marketing platform any business can use to send bulk Email and SMS marketing message. With advanced live analytics, you can see in-depth data about who is engaging with your campaigns.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Our partnered SEO experts can help you grow your organic traffic through not only their expert advice and optimisation, but also legitimate white-hat techniques to increase visibility and exposure. Get the traffic your business deserves.

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